Field Dressing Your Mount

It’s important to know what to do in preparing your trophy for mounting:.  Make no cuts in the hide in front of the legs.  When skinning a cape for a shoulder mount, start cutting several inches behind the front legs.  Cut all the way around the whole body making a circle around his chest up to his back.  Make sure when you do this, you are not angling toward the head.  Next cut a circle around each front leg above the knee.  Cut from this line straight up the back of the leg until the cut meets the body cut.  Once the skin on the legs is free, you can skin up to the back of the head.  Try not to make any cuts in the skin along the way.  When you reach the back of the head-that is far enough.  Cut the head off leaving the head, antlers, and cape all attached in one piece.  Roll it up and bring it in or freeze it.  If freezing whole, make sure it is bagged with no holes and bring it in as soon as possible to avoid freezer burn.

Preserving Your Hunting Experience

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Steve Leech has been a taxidermist for 27 years.  His foray into taxidermy stems from his passion for hunting and the outdoors and his longtime interest in art.